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After COVID-19, PPE kit, and Quarantine the only word that has made it to the list of buzzwords in the last 5 years is AI, popularly the Chatgpt. It has quite literally taken the information and technology world by storm. Not that we have to mention again and again, but a good marketer hops to the trend and tech of the modern world ASAP and leverages it to reach its wanted audience. And, we are here to help you get it right. Email marketing has undoubtedly been the Shahrukh Khan of the digital marketing world.It can win hearts and make you money at the same time.  So, how about we level up your email marketing game with AI? Sounds interesting? Let’s dive into the world of AI email marketing and explore the ways it’s reshaping the game.

What is AI Email Marketing?

AI email marketing is a fusion of technology and communication. It uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance email campaigns through personalization and automation. How? By analyzing user data, AI tailors content for individual recipients and automates tasks like segmentation and optimization. Essentially, it empowers marketers to send highly targeted messages efficiently, elevating engagement and outcomes.

Benefits of AI in Email Marketing

1. With a surprising 69% of marketers relying on email marketing, it remains a key tool for businesses to connect with their audience, build relationships, and drive conversions. However, the rapid evolution of AI is bringing in new ways of communication, revolutionizing how email campaigns are conceptualized, executed, and optimized.

2. Decreases Costs: AI-powered solutions streamline campaign design, reducing advertising costs by over 20% according to a Statista report.

3. Extracts Large Sets of User Data: AI extracts actionable patterns from data sets, preventing generic email bombardment and increased personalization.

4. Scaling AI Email Marketing Campaigns

5. Increase in Revenue

Can AI Replace Email Marketers?

Among the most dreaded questions of working youth right now is, “Will AI take our jobs?”While AI tools excel at features and benefits, they lack the emotional touch that human email marketers bring. People don’t buy solely on features; emotion plays a crucial role. Email marketers use storytelling to humanize emails, fostering consumer trust and retention. While AI can assist in generating data-driven campaigns, the human touch remains irreplaceable.

So all in all,

“No, AI will not take your job but somebody with an apt AI skill might. “

ai in email marketing

How to use AI in Email Marketing?

  • Draft Compelling Subject Lines: AI-driven tools like Phrasee increase open rates by 5-10% through natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG).
  • Personalized Email Copy: AI writing assistants such as and Magic Sales Bot create personalized emails based on specified topics.
  • Restructure Email Campaigns: Utilize AI-powered tools to split campaigns, maximizing inbox delivery and improving email privacy.
  • Clean Up Email Lists: AI algorithms clean up databases, removing outdated contacts and updating information for better deliverability.
  • Make Smart Segmentation: Automate the laborious task of manually segmenting email lists using AI solutions based on subscriber information.
  • Understand Customer Lifecycle: AI helps identify potential customers, engage them strategically, and re-engage existing clients, ensuring brand loyalty.
  • Customize Email Retargeting: AI fine-tunes retargeting strategies, sending emails at apt times and including algorithmically selected items.
  • Make Product Recommendations: AI tracks on-site activity to send real-time, customized product suggestions via email.
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Vibrant's Vision for AI-Powered Email Marketing

Email marketing, as the most affordable way to increase traffic, is here to stay, and AI can be a significant booster. As AI in email marketing is more widely adopted for personalization and contact segmentation, marketers can focus more on strategy and customer experience. 

AI is transforming the email marketing landscape, offering unprecedented personalization, automation, and optimization. While AI tools enhance efficiency, human touch and creativity remain essential. As AI continues to evolve, integrating it into email marketing strategies is becoming imperative for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the digital marketing game. Explore the possibilities, embrace AI, and revolutionize your email campaigns for better engagement and results.

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